Monday, October 1, 2007

Jonathan Richman

Obviously I could bore you with tales of Rotterdam and that Zebra was in great shape, but that was something that couldn't be said from the installation. So the example how things could be done was presented to the Plinkity Plonk A&R team (alcohol and restaurants) on friday night when Freek and I headed out to Cultureel Centrum Roepaen in the middle of a black hole, but still in The Netherlands, to see the man who made that great 7" in 1977 for which I headed out to buy my first record: Jonathan Richman, without the Modern Lovers but with a drummer. What a great concert, Richman on the acoustic guitar, singing is part sad part joyful tunes, with that twinkle in his eye. It's been a while since I enjoyed myself this much. Freek and I headed out to the dressing room to get my 7" and Freek's LP signed. Jonathan came out with a note that the docter ordered him not to talk post-concert, but kindly signed the stuff and we took the picture above, without saying a word. I made a recording of which I made a low resolution mp3 for whoever. If Richman doesn't allow this, I'll remove it. Two more pictures are in the folder, taken by Freek. What a great night!

enjoy the recording:


tfrancis said...

i've seen richman live a couple of times, he's great live, like you say part sad, part joyful. i was lucky enough to bump into him in the car park after the second time and got my picture with him too, really great :-)

thanks for the recording!


Frans de Waard said...

glad you like it! not easy to record well, at a low volume he's playing, but the audience was quite quiet...


Frans said...

Thanks for your report and MP3! I missed Jojo this time... in Amsterdam I was in the hall next door at the Zappa Plays Zappa concert when Jonathan played. In Brussels a few years ago I was amazed by Jonathan's performance. The Volkskrant review was very good!
Frans Goddijn

Bob said...

This is a great recording, thanks!
Is there any way I could get hold of a copy in WAV file or similar?

I've a bunch of JR recordings if you'd be interested...

Bob. (