Friday, October 19, 2007

concerts soon

October is less busy, concert-wise, than last month, with only one gig ahead. Wednesday THU20 will perform one their rare gigs in Paradox in Tilburg. I think their last concert was at least 5 years ago, well more perhaps. A while ago I was in Tilburg and met up with Jos, Jacques, Peter and Roel to talk about 'good times of the past', while they started discussing this gig, and I thought it was a good moment to have a smoke in Jos' beautiful garden. But they wanted me to stay and discuss with them. I played with THU20 before, in Parkzicht in 1987 (screaming for five minutes) and in Bordeaux in 1989 (which is all carefully edited out on the Merzbow/THU20 LP), so they asked me to join them for this one. Great. THU20 is one my favorite dutch bands...
Then on November 1st, Roel and me will head out to the Stubnizt, lying in Amsterdam for a long night of futuristic retro entertainment. I will play my Goem set, Roel will play his slo-fi set, we both play as Zebra and there will be some dj-ing by us. And if that isn't enough, Rechenzentrum will also play. Google stubnitz to see what they exact location is. Be there, it's going to be not so difficult music and loads of dancing.

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