Sunday, May 30, 2010


Its now official, the new name under which Wouter Jaspers and I work together is Ezdanitoff, named after the Tin-tin character. Our concert in Budapest went well, and we did some more hotel room recordings, so except some physical object soon, a 3"CDR 'Komeet' on My Own Little Label.


JosSmolders said...

Funny, the name translates (in Flemish) as "Is dat niet tof?", in English "Isn't that groovy?"

Kapotte Muziek said...

indeed it is. Herge was from the french belgium part but grew in brussels near the area called marollen, and he took various expressions from the dialect as names and sentences in the tin tin books. and jos: next time wouter is in tilburg we'll come around to your studio to do a recording which we leave you to mix and master. just in case you know :)