Monday, May 25, 2009

All Sorts Of New & Old Things

A bunch of new things happen or about to happen. First of all, Important Records released 'Mouthless', the long awaited LP by Pick-up, and effectively the first one Martin and me recorded. 100 copies are on orange vinyl and 200 on black vinyl, the latter may sound better. I don't know. Last week Martin and I played our second concert, in Theater Kikker in Utrecht and it fared much better than the first one. People enjoyed it very much and we are invited to play another 15 minute concert on June 6th.
At the end of this week I, together with Peter and Roel, will be off for one concert as Kapotte Muziek in St. Petersburg. The Experimental Sound Gallery exists for ten years and we are invited again, simply because they liked us so much last year.

Today I received a copy of 'Microbionic - Radical Electronic Music and Sound Art In The 21st Century', a hardcover book, 216 pages, written by Thomas Bey William Bailey. I haven't read it all of course, obviously (as I'm busy scanning stuff for a book on The Haters to be put out by John Wiese). There is no index and I guess there is not a lot of me in it, but the first 300 copies come with a free CD, which includes 'zes' from 'Stud Stim' by Goem, finally regarded as a classic I guess. The content of the book is about bigger names (like Carsten Nicolai, Leif Elggren, Merzbow, Pita and such like), but judging by its content it is quite interesting - a sure thing to read on the airplane? Thomas' next book will be about independent music releases and will have some more on my work. Get it here

And speaking about re-issues, I bought a CD of Das Wesen 'Embracing All, Vansihing All'. Das Wesen was from Nijmegen and releases three 12" records, which are all on this CD, but their split 7" with Bazooka is missing, unfortunally. Quite a nice imitation of Joy Division this band. Apparently the label will may be also be releasing Bazooka, a fellow Nijmegen band, so hopefully a complete job there.

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Thomas Bey William Bailey said...

Just so you know, I *did* spend days composing an index for the M.B. book, which was inexplicably left out by the publisher (and hopefully the 2nd edition will include this).

In the meantime, anybody who wants an index for their own reference can contact me and I'll send either a printed or digital version.