Monday, January 12, 2009

A Concentration Of Work

Very much like concentrated light, a lot of things came together. First there was the release of our long awaited split CDR Kapotte Muziek/Richard Ramirez. We use some of his sound material at our concert in Strahlsund 2004, which Peter later edited, and Ramirez used, if I am not mistaken a live recording from Dallas 1993. I might be wrong. Nice semi professional digipack release by Licht-ung
Then, on saturday I received 'f' in the Zelphabet series. I am on there, along with Francisco Lopez, Fin and Failing Objects. Quite proud of that. On sunday I travelled to Tilburg for my first studio recording with THU20. This is for the Zelphabet volume 't', which leaves us some to work on it more. In 8 hours we finished more or less 6 minutes, with ten more to go. Pictures etc here
In between I played a concert at Extrapool, at Tape Treff, an evening about cassettes. Though these days hi-jacked by not always stable noise makers who think its still shocking to run around naked and throwing up on microphones *yawn*. I played a new thing called 'Verval': it starts out with a regular sound from my laptop, which is picked up by three microphones on three individual cassette players. Then one is stopped and that sound is then played, then a second, then the third, but by then the first is recording again. The room becomes the resonating box and the cassette the processor of the sound. The recordings are ok, so yeah I may release them on My Own Little Label.

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