Monday, November 3, 2008

New Compilation

Today I received some copies of 'Table For Six: All Quiet? #3', which is an ongoing affair from EE Tapes. I know EE Tapes since the early cassette days and he released a Shifts CDR before and Shifts is on 'The Walls Are Whispering'. On this new compilation six artists have considerable longer pieces. My piece is entirely made from hiss taken from old cassettes, pieced together in a dramatic way. Very quiet and very loud. Its called 'Wortel (Root)' and is the companion of a piece to be released soon 'Root (Wortel)'. Other artists are Neuestrasse, Stormhat, Anemone Tube, Bruno De Angelis and (ad)vance(d). Fine line up, great CD. I have some copies for sale, or go to the label website

The workshop in Cologne was nice too, see picture above. Here is a link which includes all raw material as made by the participants, a rehearsal with them, the concert with them, and the full concert by Kapotte Muziek. Use or re-use freely. It is quite a big file. Perhaps a newspaper article will be published also.

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