Saturday, June 14, 2008

All Beequeen News

While I am getting a bit nervous for tomorrow's presentation of WYSISWYH, the film by Harrie Timmermans, which is apparently reworked so I haven't seen it yet, and to which I will play some live music, this is more concerned with Beequeen news. On My Own Little Label I did a re-issue of 'Long Stones & Circles' as a 3"CDR, Herbal Records from Maleysia re-released another old Beequeen, our 2nd: Time Waits For No One. I am very pleased with how the whole thing turned out. You may want to check out your old Staalplaat copy. Due to the glue used on the digipacks back then, they might no longer play properly, so you can replace it with a fresh copy. Thanks to Goh Lee Kwang for wanting to release this. Next Saturday Beequeen will play at Worm in Rotterdam. There is also film that evening.
And speaking of film, someone created a film to the demo version of the 'Maypole Song' from our latest Sandancing CD. Please do more, anyone is invited. Have a look here.

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